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Surgery of the future

Exeter’s joint replacement teams utilise state-of-the-art robotic technology to deliver cutting edge surgery with pinpoint accuracy.

Hip and knee replacements are some of the most common types of operation performed in the UK, but did you know that the ‘Exeter Hip’ created in 1970 is the most implanted and successfully cemented hip stem in the world? Furthermore Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital is in the top three UK hospitals for hip replacements, and Orthopaedic Consultant Professor Andrew Toms was recently cited as the one of the best knee replacement surgeons in the UK in a Daily Mail poll.

The use of robotics and artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in healthcare but Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital is the only hospital in the south west to have robotic arm technology and one of only ten in the UK. The pioneering Mako robotic arm allows the latest generation of hip and knee replacements to be inserted with even greater accuracy. So far this year, Exeter has treated over 100 patients using the robotic arm – the most out of any UK hospital.

“The level of accuracy we are able to achieve with the Mako is as close to perfection as is possible”

Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Keith Eyres, of Exeter Knee Reconstruction Unit, tells us: “From my perspective, robotic arm assisted surgery is the pinnacle of what the industry can offer us as surgeons to support the accuracy of what we do. Accuracy means faster recovery, a higher chance of a joint returning to normal function and a new joint that lasts longer. The level of accuracy we are able to achieve with the Mako is as close to perfection as is possible, which means patients are more mobile, more quickly.”

As Professor John Timperley, Exeter Hip Unit and former President of the British Hip Society, explains, the technology helps surgeons provide patients with a personalised, surgical experience. “The Mako improves accuracy by importing a CT scan of the patient joint before the operation. Numerous site markers are overlaid onto the scan, effectively creating a 3D map of the joint, which the surgeon can then easily navigate and, with the robot’s assistance, perform the procedure with pinpoint accuracy.”

Other than the operation itself, one of the concerns about surgery can be the waiting time. However, Hospital Director Paul Taylor tells us: “With no waiting lists at our hospital we’re able to help people get on with life as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t have private medical insurance you can access our care by paying for yourself.”

So, if you are having hip or knee trouble, or are awaiting surgery, why not head along to one of the upcoming open events to discover more about the services provided? You’ll be doing so safe in the knowledge that you’ll be treated by those among the very best in the profession.



Open events

Contact Nuffield Health to book a place at a patient event to find out more about hip and knee replacements.

Let’s talk about knee surgery

Thursday 11th October 2018

With Mr Eyres, Mr Phillips and Mr Mandalia, Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeons.

Let’s talk about hip surgery

Thursday 18th October 2018

With Professor Timperley, Mr Wilson, Mr Howell and Mr Hubble, Consultant Orthopaedic Hip Surgeons.

"The level of accuracy we are able to achieve with the Mako is as close to perfection as is possible"