Devon LivingIssue #03

Just what you knead

Discover the delicious and nutritious artisan sourdough selection from Vicky’s Bread, available across Devon.

Here at Devon Living, we’re seriously passionate about our food, how it’s made, and where it comes from. We also love local success stories, so we’re delighted to introduce Vicky’s Bread, a wholesale artisan bakery based in the West Country, where everything made by hand, using traditional methods and recipes.

“We have no moulders or dividing machines,” explains owner Vicky Harford.

“All our loaves are weighed on old-fashioned balance scales and formed by hand.”

This handmade approach is not a mere gimmick but in fact fundamental to the flavour and texture of the bread, creating wonderfully individual and rustic loaves and buns, that are light yet crusty, holey and delicious – devoid of the homogenisation of mass-produced factory-made bread. For Vicky, and her ardent followers, this stuff really matters.

Vicky continues: “The naturally occurring wild yeasts in sourdough bread slow down the fermentation process, making the bread easier to digest, more nutritious and extra tasty. Sourdoughs are made wetter therefore prolonging shelf-life naturally without the need for preservatives.” It’s fair to say that Vicky knows a thing or two about bread. She trained in New York at a French culinary school, before bringing back these unique skills to her own bakery in the south west. “Artisan bread-making is a craft, to be passed down, cherished and preserved, so we can all eat real, beautiful breads for years to come.”

Vicky’s Bread stocks a wide range of French and German style rustic sourdoughs, including baguettes, multigrain, Bordelais, cloudy white, spelt and 100% rye loaves among the wider selection. These tasty varieties are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite West Country cheese, delicious with smoked salmon, and ideal for soaking up a chunky homemade vegetable soup.

What’s more, Vicky and the team have been experimenting recently with a fantastic range of enticing new flavours for their sourdough including wild garlic and honey, fig and hazelnut, and – one we really can’t wait to try – cranberry, semolina and poppyseed.

Vicky’s Bread supplies small shops all over Devon and Cornwall, so why not support your local shop and taste bread the way it should be – you won’t regret it!



01326 572084

“All our loaves are weighed on old-fashioned balance scales and formed by hand.”