Devon LivingIssue #02

Inspiring views

Discover why a trip to Kingsbridge in the South Hams is not complete without a visit to Mayne Gallery.

Mayne Gallery is a place to discover art in its widest forms; painting, ceramics, sculpture and, in one of its youngest artists – Sophie Gregson, an innovative and exciting use of glass. Sophie, in her own way, carries on the tradition of landscape art. The looking and the seeing, the searching for objects to incorporate in the interpretations of what she discovers.

One only has to gaze into John’s rich works of art and get a sense of the love of the scene.”

This passion and the seeking out of the unexpected; a momentary flash of light on the water; the curve on a path; the way a cloud has floated across the sky and made its fleeting statement is what has been fascinating artists throughout the centuries. From John Constable to one of Mayne Gallery’s most popular and collectable artists – John Donaldson. One only has to gaze into John’s rich works of art and get a sense of the love of the scene. His acute sense of self expression is entirely evident in the loose and energetic brush strokes that capture so much, with such little flecks and inflections of paint on the canvas.

And this desire to bring ‘honest’ art that is intensely varied in its form, subject matter and physical matter, is certainly what motivates Jane Price, the owner and the primary art searcher, for over 21 years now – something in itself to be celebrated. Jane is always on the look out for bourgeoning talent, to see the new and the fresh sitting alongside the accomplished and the more experienced artists showcased at Mayne.

Jane’s passion has seen many artists being part of the Mayne set for many years; nurtured and supported as they develop their art. A prime example of this relationship approach and how time invested can allow significant success to come to fruition is James Bonstow; an artist that Jane has championed since first discovering him in 2012, believing in his abilities and remarkable talent, with the recent collection of James’ work selling out at the Battersea Art Fair this year. 

If you are looking for some inspiring time spent with art, make sure you pay them visit the next time you’re in Kingsbridge – we are sure you will find it time well spent.



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"One only has to gaze into John’s rich works of art and get a sense of the love of the scene."