Devon LivingIssue #02

In safe hands

When you commission Oltco to complete a flooring project, you can always be sure of both quality and reliability.

When it comes to employing contractors to carry out work, the two big considerations at the forefront of most people’s minds are quality and reliability. You need to be able to put your full trust in them, especially when you’re not the expert yourself. So when we met Oltco Directors Tom Stringer and John Pearce a few months back it was so refreshing to witness a company that does things properly, and has got the balance just right. Clearly they genuinely love what they do, and want to get the best results for clients every time, focussing equally on quality and reliability. This, in itself, hinges on two key factors: the products and the service.

“We chose Oltco because they are the best, and great people to work with.” – Dan Trotter, Lewinnick Lodge

Starting with the products, Oltco’s resin-bound flooring is the perfect solution for a range of outdoor and indoor situations, from driveways, paths, car parks, sun terraces and balconies, even swimming pools. For a start, it is incredibly hardwearing, it’s UV stable, it’s easy to clean, and it’s very functional too. Being porous it doesn’t puddle, it’s extremely low maintenance and SUDs compliant, meaning there is no need for planning in many circumstances. What’s more it looks great – a high-end finish to complement the high-end performance.

But great products are futile without great service to match, something that Tom and John understand so well. “We want to feel good about the work we do and the decisions we make.” An unusual approach for a driveway company but one that has seen them go from a resin flooring contractor to a leading installer of resin bound gravel driveways in the south west and beyond. They genuinely want you to get as much enjoyment and pleasure out of your new driveway or paving as they get from doing a good job.

They continue: “At Oltco, we strive to deliver the absolute best quality and service to our customers. We adhere wholeheartedly to the ethos of establishing lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional products, performance and aftercare.” Their dedication to providing peace of mind means that they offer a 20-year guarantee on all their resin bound gravel.

Indeed, just as the Oltco team are meticulous about the job and finish itself, so they are meticulous in the aftercare, and building lasting client relationships. Lewinnick Lodge is just one of the many hotels, bars and cafés that Oltco has helped to transform with its resin flooring, both locally and further afield. Lewinnick’s Manager, Dan Trotter, tells us: “It was a great opportunity to collaborate with some of our favourite craftspeople and independent companies in the south west. But we didn’t just choose Oltco because they are local; we chose them because they are the best, and great people to work with.”

So, if it’s peace of mind and a perfect finish that you’re looking for, why not join Oltco’s many satisfied customers, and let the team transform your outdoor space – whether a driveway, patio or balcony – into one that you truly love.

"We chose Oltco because they are the best, and great people to work with."