Devon LivingIssue #04

Going once…

For one-of-a-kind antiques, beautiful jewellery and unique art pieces, Drakes Auctions could have just what you’re looking for.

If you’re an antique, jewellery or art collector, Drakes Auctions offers the chance to find that one of a kind piece that you’ve been searching for, with fortnightly general sales taking place as well as a regular line up of Antiques and Collectable sales. A great example of what you can find is a beautifully preserved WWII Swiss MO-05 army bicycle, complete with a deerskin Austrian backpack and helmet – an authentic display to admire and delve into the historic period of the Second World War.

As well as providing unique buying opportunities, Drake’s Auctions also offers a quick and easy way to sell items that you’re no longer attached to. This might be an old family heirloom, such as a vintage ring or an old-fashioned piece of furniture; although dated in your eyes, pieces like this could be quickly snapped up by someone else. Take your items to the Tavistock auction house, where the team will be happy to value them for you. Alternatively, a member of the team will be happy to join you at home and go over the items you want to sell. What’s more, if you have items that are difficult to transport, Drakes offers a house clearance service and can collect your items for you, making the process a whole lot easier! Indeed, selling our unwanted items can quickly become tedious, and there are various websites offering us the chance to promote our belongings online, but selling your wares through an auction can often be the simpler solution.

For buyers, it’s possible to attend viewing days and peruse the items in person, giving you the advantage of identifying what you’re interested in before the auction takes place. One customer who has benefitted from the auction experience tells us: “The crew is always helpful and knowledgeable, I have both bought and sold with Drakes Auctions and I always look forward to the viewings and auction day fun.”

Indeed, the excitement of seeing the item you want come under the hammer, and competing with other buyers to seal the deal, all the while listening to the rapid fire of comments from the auctioneer makes Drakes Auctions a truly unique shopping experience. The best part is, even if you’re too tied up to attend, it’s possible to bid online!


Drakes Auctions

Unit 6 Parade Business Park,
Pixon Lane, Tavistock PL19 9RQ