Devon LivingIssue #06

Enhance your wellbeing

We discover the beauty and benefits of natural interiors from the team at Home Naturally.

We hear about the benefits of surrounding yourself with nature inspired (or derived) interior design pieces from Home Naturally owner Christine Rockell. When discussing her ethos Christine tells us: “At Home Naturally, we’re not only passionate about creating beautiful interiors – we also believe that the places we live and work in should enhance our wellbeing.”

“Biophillic design aims at bringing nature back into our interior world…”

In an effort to achieve this balance, Home Naturally provides interior design pieces that both soothe the soul and look beautiful. Christine continues: “Home Naturally is a sustainable and biophilic interior design studio located at the heart of Bovey Tracey, on the edge of Dartmoor National park.” Biophillia is a term that defines our strong connection with the natural world and natural processes. As a species, we have evolved surrounded by nature but as time’s gone by, our natural environment has progressively been pushed aside by urbanisation and modern technologies, which now increasingly populate our daily lives. Christine elaborates: “Biophillic design aims at bringing nature back into our interior world as this connection is key to our mental and physical well-being. Research is revealing that surrounding ourselves with natural materials, features, light, nature inspired colours and prints has a huge impact on the way we feel, learn and work.”

As a mum of two young girls, one of whom was born disabled with a range of multi-sensory impairments; Christine has learnt a thing or two about the way we interact with the world around us and has discovered how we can enhance the way we live and experience our immediate surroundings through interior design. From beautifully handcrafted furniture, lighting and accessories with a focus on hand printed, natural fabrics, to natural home scents and local art, the friendly and welcoming boutique features exclusive pieces, including the first chair on the market to be manufactured in bioplastic.

Christine explains: “Our services include free in-store advice, colour consultation, a bespoke curtains and blinds service and of course full interior design, including design for additional needs, with biophilic design consultancy.” So, for inspiration on how to design a healthier home (or business!) make sure to visit Home Naturally and discover how you can elevate your home, and your mood.

"Biophillic design aims at bringing nature back into our interior world..."