Devon LivingIssue #05

Dive into Devon

We delve into two of our favourite swimwear brands based right here in Devon.

Whether it’s just a leisurely swim, or something a bit more adventurous, most swimwear is a real let down (literally) when it’s put to the test. Luckily for us, I’ve found two incredible swimwear brands based right here in Devon, Davy J and Zennor Bikini, both creating beautiful bikinis and costumes that are built to last, and to look good!

“Our aim is to allow women to set their inner mermaid free.”

Founded by Helen Newcombe, Davy J creates durable swimwear from recycled waste. This brand stands out to us not only for its sturdy designs, but also for its eco-conscious attitude towards sourcing material sustainably and promoting a circular economy. We touch base with Helen to discover the Davy J story. She tells us: “Davy J swim suits are built to last, they’re designed to survive a dive and stay on in the waves and they’re all manufactured here in the UK from nylon waste.” Our favourite is the Red Bikini, we love the blaze of colour set off with the supportive black bands, and the cut is really flattering for any chest size.

Now on to Zennor Bikini, we’re completely in love with the colourful designs and cheeky cut of this range. Founded by Davina Stickley, the brand is inspired by Cornish folk tale The Mermaid of Zennor, Davina explains: “Our aim is to allow women to set their inner mermaid free.” Like Davy J, Zennor Bikinis are built to last, made from durable Italian material in a seamless design that’s comfortable as well as supportive. Our in house favourites are the Coco Palms Halter featuring a stunning tropical palm tree print and the Bamboo One Piece, incorporating vintage style stripes with a burnt orange reversible design for an entirely different look. That’s another great aspect about this range – all the costumes and bikinis are reversible; so you get two bikinis in one!

Both brands have seen a gap in the market for swimwear that meets our needs in terms of durability, functionality and style and we’re in love with the concepts behind them! Davy J represents a new way of approaching waste, transforming it into sturdy swimwear that won’t lead to any slippages and Zennor creates eye-catching designs, ‘for the real mermaids of this world.’ I’ve surreptitiously been reaching for my wallet this entire time and definitely recommend purchasing one for yourself!



For the Davy J range, old fishing lines and other ocean waste is deconstructed back into the original polymer and transformed into durable swimwear via the e-conyl regeneration system, a truly innovative concept!




“Our aim is to allow women to set their inner mermaid free.”