Devon LivingIssue #04

A service to suit you

We catch up with market leading installer of resin driveways, Oltco, who share some exciting news.

For those of us lucky enough to own our own home here in Devon, we understand that when it comes to enlisting the help of a company to make home improvements there are certain considerations that have to be made. How reliable is the product and what guarantees will you be made that it will last? Are you paying a fair price for the service? Can this company really help you achieve the lifestyle you’re aspiring to? Can you trust them? When you’re not an expert yourself, this final question is especially pertinent.

“feeling good about the work we do and the decisions we make.”

And, while commissioning a company to complete a driveway or resin flooring project may not seem as important as undertaking work in the property itself, you’d be surprised at how many have suffered from a service that promises the world, but ultimately fails to deliver the goods. This is where Tom Stringer and John Pearce, Directors of Oltco come in. We met them a few months ago, and we were immediately struck by their refreshing approach to business. The key for them is to help their clients achieve a lifestyle that they themselves would be happy leading, and their ethos is very simple: “feeling good about the work we do and the decisions we make.” Ensuring that the customer is well cared for and gets the quality of service they were expecting; this is absolutely paramount to Tom and John’s incredible success so far.

After a short chat with the two of them, it came as no surprise to learn that Oltco has become a market leader when it comes to the guarantee they offer – an impressive 20 years – which leaves every customer satisfied that they really are getting what they paid for. What’s more, in the unlikely event that a repair needs making after a job has been finished, the Oltco team is more than happy to oblige, which, let’s face it, is the way a guarantee should work!

This approach (which, granted, is unusual for a driveway company) has seen Oltco go from a resin flooring contractor to a leading installer of resin bound gravel driveways throughout the south west and beyond, with a number of prestigious clients having reaped the benefits of the team’s expertise. And they are constantly improving, ever on the lookout for ways in which they can improve every aspect of their service. This even boils down to the resin they use, which is already the highest quality you’re likely to find in the industry!

It’s this attitude towards testing and evolving that allows Tom and John to offer such a lengthy guarantee and, over 20 years of experience, research, trial and error, they know how to achieve the best results on every project, ensuring that their clients’ needs are at the forefront of everything they do.

During a more recent catch up, Tom and John announced some very exciting news, which is that Oltco is soon to become a franchise! This means that the ethos and winning approach to customer service that has made Oltco such a resounding success will soon be available to clients up and down the country. So, back to those burning questions about whether a company is suited to your project: if overhauling your outside space is something your home or business desperately needs, we think it’s fair to say that Oltco have all the right answers.

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One happy customer, Mr Turner from Newquay, Cornwall says: “The Oltco team have transformed our garden from an untidy, unusable area into a clean and tidy outside space for our family to enjoy. An amazing product installed by a friendly and professional team.”

“feeling good about the work we do and the decisions we make.”