Devon LivingIssue #06

A permanent smile

The new training academy from Cosmetic Contour near Tavistock helps beauty practitioners learn new skills and deliver life-changing treatments.

Today, we all lead busy lives. For many of us, we’re constantly on the go, whether heading from one meeting to another, or rushing to pick the kids up from school. Sometimes, it can be hard finding a moment for a cup of tea and quick bite to eat, let alone reapplying makeup! So, what if you could live your life without ever having to worry about looking your best again? The solution could well be ‘permanent makeup’, from Cosmetic Contour.

“Daphne travels all across Devon and the rest of the UK to give you the lasting appearance that you crave”

Based in the West Country, practitioner Daphne J Smith has over 16 years’ experience of providing permanent makeup to happy clients. Working alongside her assistant of 14 years, Tanya, who has personally experienced the benefits of permanent makeup procedures herself, they make a formidable team.

Daphne came across permanent makeup at a beauty trade show in London and realised straight away that this was her ‘eureka’ moment. She subsequently booked a training course and hasn’t looked back since.
Daphne travels to clinics and salons across Devon and the rest of the UK to give you the lasting appearance that you crave. Daphne offers permanent makeup treatments using the highest grade of pharmaceutical pigments, assuring quality and long-lasting colour. Whether you are looking for fuller eyebrows, permanent lip colour or a defining eyeliner, Daphne can create a stunning look, helping bring smiles to faces and enhance many women’s self-esteem.

Using revolutionary paramedical techniques to recreate lost pigment, Daphne works with clients who have lost areola and nipples due to a mastectomy or other surgery and facial disfigurements such as hare lips, creating a confident and positive look. This method of cosmetic tattooing has also helped people post-surgery, replacing colour and rebuilding facial features.

Daphne’s latest venture is the exciting new training academy, which she has set up at her existing clinic, Blue Mist, in Lower Metherell, a short drive from Tavistock. Daphne tells us: “It brings me great pleasure to help women realise their dreams and bring their confidence back. So it’s extremely exciting for me now to be able to share my experience and skills with other practitioners, so that they can continue doing the same!”

The academy offers a range of four and five day courses, for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners, and these can be tailored to your specific needs, either on a one-to-one or small group basis. Daphne also offers ongoing mentoring and support once training is completed.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a career change for a while and have an interest in entering the beauty industry? If so, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Learn your skills from the expert and enjoy a better lifestyle on your terms, getting to work wherever suits you!

Whether you want to become a practitioner or simply benefit from the wonderful treatments personally, it might well be time to give Daphne and Tanya a call now and start an exciting new journey.

"Daphne travels all across Devon and the rest of the UK to give you the lasting appearance that you crave"