Devon LivingIssue #05

A perfect fit

We discover Equafleece, keeping dogs warm and dry in Britain’s great, and often wet outdoors.

Founded 18 years ago, Equafleece has swept across the UK, becoming extremely popular with animal owners looking to combat our often-tumultuous climate. In fact, it was the rainfall of Dartmoor – one of the most windswept areas of Britain – that spurred this fantastic product to first be imagined. Equafleece was first designed to keep a horse dry whilst exercising, without it sweating in a non-breathable rain sheet, and without the wind getting under it and scaring the animal, hence the ‘equa’ part of the name!

it’s been hailed by experts as fuss-free and effective.”

The first rolls of Polartec fleece were bought in November 2000 and in 2002, after several prototypes and a lot of field tests, the first dog coat was sold. Since, the company has gone from strength to strength and is vouched for by owners, vets, hydrotherapists, breeders, handlers and, most of all, by the dogs themselves!

The Equafleece team are pioneers in the field of technical wear for dogs, and it’s been hailed by experts as fuss-free and effective. Indeed, back in 2010 it won an award from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust for innovation and for its contribution to working dogs at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace.

So what makes Equafleece so effective? The properties of fleece mean it keeps your dog dry in the rain, without ever needing to reproof it. Body heat and fleece combine to create a waterproof layer, and provide an easy-to-wash, easy-to-dry and very easy-to-wear answer to the challenging conditions faced by our pets as we explore the most dramatic parts of Devon.

Equafleece has a range of products, from coats and slim suits for dogs (with 43 stock sizes and 12 colours to choose from), to neck warmers, jackets, fleeces and socks for humans; from chihuahuas to great Danes, Equafleece aims to make time spent outside with your dog as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, encouraging your furry friend to relish every minute spent outdoors, even in the depths of winter!

"it’s been hailed by experts as fuss-free and effective."