Devon LivingIssue #06

A gin to savour

We toast to the success of the Plymouth Gin Distillery, proudly producing exemplary gin since 1793.

There’s nothing as refreshing as a cool gin and tonic at the end of a long day, at least not in my opinion! Plymouth Gin incorporates a remarkable mixture of botanicals used by bartenders around the world and is savoured by many. Carefully handcrafted in an original Victorian copper still, Master Distiller, Sean Harrison, uses juniper berries, lemon and orange peel, orris and angelica root, cardamom and coriander seeds – and pure, soft water from Dartmoor National Park to create that distinctively mellow, aromatic taste.

“winning is good for us and it’s also good for Plymouth”

We hear from Visitor Centre Supervisor, Rose MacInnes, who has been with the distillery for 21 years, Rose explains: “We’ve won several awards over a three year period – which is incredible considering the competition we’re up against!” When speaking about the staff and their efforts to make the experience truly enjoyable Rose tells us: “Everybody works extremely hard in the distillery, we have 14 members of staff on the team – covering the shop, production, tourism and the cocktail bar, winning is good for us and it’s also good for Plymouth.”

The distillery presents three different tours so visitors can enjoy a range of experiences. There is the standard 40-minute tour including a history of the distillery and overview of how Plymouth Gin is made. Visitors can then choose from a complimentary miniature gin or savour a Plymouth Gin and tonic at the Distillery Bar. Then there’s the connoisseur’s tour for 90 minutes, which includes the tour plus a unique tutored gin tasting session and finally, the master distiller’s tour which lasts for two and a half hours and features a tour, tutored gin tasting session and a distilling master class; giving you the opportunity to hand craft your own gin – and take a small bottle of your creation home as a memento.

Rose continues: “We work closely with the city’s hotels supplying discount tickets and also provide prizes to be auctioned at charity events.” The distillery is an important and historic part of the Barbican, which has been its home since 1793 and is well worth a visit on any trip to this historic seaside city!


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The team at Plymouth Gin Distillery is once again celebrating success at the recent South West Tourism Excellence Awards, winning silver in the Small Attraction of the Year category 2018, after winning gold in the same category last year, as well as a bronze award for Guide Tour of the Year.

"winning is good for us and it’s also good for Plymouth"